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Posted by Jonathan Rhodes on May 30, 2013
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Our Cherokee Village, Ozark Acres, and Horseshoe Bend properties offer something for everyone, whether you are buying your first chunk of land for investment or seeking the perfect parcel to realize your dreams. We offer three levels of property — Membership, Signature and Premier — with different price points and amenities available in each. Take a look at some of our featured properties and browse our listings.

Find the land that suits your needs:

Membership Lots

  • On a budget but dream of owning land? The Membership Property is perfect for you.
  • Seeking access to private community amenities such as golf courses, lakes and recreational facilities?  Membership Properties are an affordable choice for gaining community membership.
  • There is no requirement to build on your property; these properties can remain in their natural state for as long as you prefer.
  • Membership properties are located within the community boundaries and are typically on the perimeter of the community further away from recreational amenities.
  • Some Membership Properties may not front paved streets but if and when you decide to build, the city would improve the road to your property.
  • Because of their already low entry-level prices, ALC’s in-house financing is not available for Membership Properties.

Signature Lots

  • Land ownership is at the core of realizing the American Dream. ALC’s Signature Properties are among ALC’s most popular properties and offer an ideal investment for people who dream of owning land in established master-planned communities. 
  • Signature Properties are selected for their location in close proximity to community amenities such as lakes, golf courses, rivers, recreational facilities and commercial centers, and for their good paved street access.
  • Financing is available on every Signature Property. Ask an ALC land specialist for more information.

Premier Lots

  • Premier Properties represent the very best properties that American Land Company has to offer with location adjacent to the community’s lakes, golf courses, rivers, recreational facilities, parks or commercial centers, or because of their size or superior terrain.
  • Premier Properties have the greatest potential for the highest long-term return on your investment.
  • Premier Properties are also the most ideal properties for building your future dream home whether it’s your primary or vacation residence or for your dream retirement home.
  • ALC’s in-house financing is available for all Premier Properties. Ask an ALC land specialist for more information.

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