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OZARK Community Living

Posted by Jonathan Rhodes on April 28, 2013
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What is Ozark Community Living? Communities like these are private, so you won’t find them promoted in tourist publications or websites.

Ozark Community Living

waterplay Horseshoe Bend

Only members and their guests can enjoy the privileges of the many lakes, rivers, golf courses, parks and rec centers.



There are many private lakes for waterskiing, fishing or just watching the sun set from the docks.




Children and adults still play outdoors here and fisherman catch plenty of trout and bass in these stocked streams.
It’s so quiet most of the time that you can hear the sounds of nature – like birds and frogs – calling you into a more peaceful lifestyle.


Crown Lake Horseshoe Bend

These communities were created around fifty years ago by visionaries who saw spectacular spots like these, in the foothills of the Ozarks and the Spring River, as development opportunities for retirees and working-class families.

ozark community livingDevelopers opened the rivers and created new lakes, golf courses that took advantage of creeks and rolling hills, parks and town centers. They divided the surrounding land into affordable lots that spilled into the countryside and woodlands. Couples would build on their lots as their families grew or before they retired.


This attracted people from across the nation into an eclectic neighborhood that has remained relatively constant over time. Since these homes served as getaways and retirement havens, they reflect simpler values relating to nature, recreation and relaxation. And they haven’t changed that much since.


OZARK COOL: Razorbacks… horseshoes… golf… trout fishing… bass fishing…Spring River Farmers market


Today the urban pace feels a million miles away from a town that time forgot.



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