In Northern Arkansas, the foothills of the Ozarks create rolling twisting valleys etched by fast-running rivers and dotted with dozens of lakes.

The communities of CherokeeVillage, Horseshoe Bend and Ozark Acres, which embrace Ozark Mountain Living, were developed in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s as master-planned recreational retirement destinations. They attract retirees and families from all over the nation seeking a more relaxed lifestyle and welcome new businesses to revitalize the area.

Arkansas is centrally located on the edge of the U.S. south and is bordered by six states (Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri). The climate is considered subtropical to continental, offering four distinct seasons. Temperatures average in the nineties midsummer, and winters are mild with typically a few inches or feet of snow.  The changing temperatures and colors make the long springs and falls here particularly delightful.

Taxes are among the lowest nationwide. Crime rates are statistically half the national average or less. The cost of living is 20% below national average. Homes cost half to a quarter of similar stock up north or on the coasts. The populations have been relatively stable, despite the current weakened economy. In response, the area welcomes new businesses with low costs and a strong workforce, which is why some of the worlds largest businesses, like WalMart and Tyson Chicken, have chosen Arkansas for their headquarters. Arkansas is one of the few states in the US that is maintaining a balanced budget. Arkansans are proud of this fact, resilient and strong; they tighten their resources and make the best of what they have. The NaturalState does have a LOT TO OFFER as you can see.

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Locals enjoy the music, crafts & produce at the Spring River Farmers Market

Locals enjoy the music, crafts & produce at the Spring River Farmers’ Market

CHEROKEE VILLAGE is the largest of the three communities…

with over 13,000 acres and 4,700 full-time residents. It offers property owners private access to two highly-rated golf courses, seven lakes, two marinas, the South Fork of the Spring River, six swimming pools, tennis courts, rec and community centers, parks, playgrounds and more. It is incorporated as a municipal city with its own government, police and fire departments, schools and churches and even a 5,200’ air strip.

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GOLF TIP: Find out why the golfers in our area are so happy! 


Crown Lake Horseshoe Bend

Overview of Crown Lake in Horseshoe Bend

HORSESHOE BEND has been honored with the “Arkansas Safest City Award.”

Horseshoe Bend is a municipality with over 9,000 acres and 2,400 full time residents who enjoy community amenities such as Turkey Mountain golf course, three lakes including the 600 +/- acre Crown Lake, miniature golf course, tennis courts, numerous parks, the Strawberry River, and more. Horseshoe Bend has its own 4.525′ airstrip just next to its downtown area that plays host to a number of churches, a grocery store, restaurants, gas stations, banks, the post office, city hall and the Cedar Glade Hotel with its 9-hole executive golf course. The town also includes a section called “Pioneer Village Manor” that includes 64 individual retirement residences.

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Fishing on Lake Vagabond Ozark Acres

Fishing on Lake Vagabond Ozark Acres

OZARK ACRES is a paradise for hunters and fishermen and their families.

Surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of virgin timberland in which wildlife of many kinds can be observed, offering some of the best hunting imaginable. The Clubhouse and Beach at LakeVagabond provide the perfect spots from which to enjoy the beauty of Lake Vagabond and its 85 acres of inviting clear spring water ideal for fishing and water sports. The lake is stocked every year with Bass and Catfish for those who love to fish. Forty miles of roads wind their way over more than 2,000 acres of outdoor scenery helping make Ozark Acres a wonderful destination for anyone seeking a small town feel nestled in a beautiful natural setting.

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These communities are located approximately 2.5 hours northwest of Memphis, Tennessee…

1 hour north of Jonesboro, and 2.5 hours northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas. Most of the shopping is a few minutes away in nearby Ash Flat at the Wal-Mart Supercenter. See chart for distances to major cities.,+AR/to/Dallas,+TX

Mileage from CherokeeVillage to

CITY                           MILES            TIME

AtlantaGA                 516      8h 49m

Cedar RapidsIA         473      8h 4m

ChicagoIL                  563      9h 2m

DallasTX                   457      7h 29m

DavenportIA              517      8h 35m

Fort Wayne IN            597      9h 27m

Indianapolis IN           473      7h 23m

Kansas CityMO         320      5h 33m

Little RockAR           141      2h 33m

Madison WI                610      9h 35m

Mammoth CaveKY   388      7h 4m

MilwaukeeWI            631      9h 56m

MemphisTN              135      2h 24m

NashvilleTN              321      5h 43m

New Orleans               529      8h 35m

Omaha NE                  510      8h 3m

RockfordIL                542      8h 44m

South Bend IN            608      9h 53m

SpringfieldIL             353      6h 13m

SpringfieldMO          159      2h 49m

St. LouisMO              244      4h 37m

Tulsa OK                    334      5h 33m

WausauWI                 745      11h 17m

WichitaKS                 402      7h 18m


There is no maintenance required on unimproved property.

Your property can stay in its natural state until you decide to build or sell. There is no time limit to build on your property and you may hold it for investment for as long as you like. These communities all have covenants in place that ensure the overall aesthetics of the subdivision to help protect your investment.


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