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Who buys land in Arkansas Ozarks? Meet our Savvy Investors

Posted by Jonathan Rhodes on May 28, 2013
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Who buys land in Arkansas Ozarks?

Who buys land in the Arkansas Ozarks? Meet our Savvy Investors

The Arkansas Ozarks historically attracted a diverse population from all over the nation, most typically the Midwest. Today’s new land buyers often find the area on the Internet, expanding our reach to every part of the globe.  They may start with a land buy, then choose to settle to enjoy a simpler lifestyle.


The beauty of American Land is its vastness and rich abundance of natural resources. The beauty of our country is the people it attracts.  We’re inspired by those who come here to fulfill their dreams.

Since we live in these communities — Cherokee Village, Horseshoe Bend and Ozark Acres — we see who is buying property here.  More and more people are reassessing their lives right now and making decisions to improve their quality of life. They find beauty here, comparable to the best land anywhere in the world, in an established community, at prices they can afford, and hold onto it until they can build on their dreams.

We sell land to individuals who say things like, “We can enjoy a different standard of living — amid nature and homespun values — than we had when we were hustling in the city.”

We sell land to people from other countries who want to own a piece of America, even if they may never actually set foot here. Although many come and stay.

What do they see here?  They see the natural beauty, combined with common sense values, and fit these into their unique situations. Here are a few specific examples from actual folks we’ve met.

“We watched our American Dream turn into a nightmare when we saw what we were going to pay next year in taxes!” A Chicago area couple described their situation. They said they would “need either a second mortgage or a second job” to stay in the big city.  They were amazed that taxes and assessments on homes here average around $500 a year, and on land are generally less than $150/lot. They were also impressed that Arkansas caps property taxes the day either one of them turns 65, so they’d be able to retire on a fixed income stress-free.

Another man and his wife who are currently active on our Chamber of Commerce reported that they had looked at properties all over the world, from Mexico to Costa Rica and all over the US. They decided to retire here because it was affordable and offered a “wonderful sense of community.” They believe that “the more people know about this area… the more likely they are to come and stay.” They may “come for the natural beauty, and stay when they get a sense of the community and the lifelong value it represents.”

Melissa Jeff Allison

Melissa and Jeff Allison, from Maumelle AR, purchased two parcels from American Land Co this year.

Allison campsite with toys

Allison campsite with toys









Healthcare professionals, Jeff and Melissa Allison, bought two properties from American Land Co. this year. They cleared the first land between Mammoth Spring and Hardy and camped out nearby. They bought another lot when they returned to Cherokee Village, to take advantage of the amenities. They told us that they used to “belong to an exclusive country club, but feel more welcome here in Cherokee Village.” So they resigned their membership and camp here whenever they have a chance. They had just finished building a custom home in Maumelle, near Little Rock, and thought it would be where they would eventually retire, but are changing their minds. They told us they think Cherokee Village offers far more amenities for their tax dollar, putting the emphasis on maintaining a high standard of living focused on recreation, family and community services.  Since cities like Cherokee Village are so new, they have a clean slate for concentrating on giving a community what it wants.

Another couple from Australia buys U.S. property “whenever it comes up at auction.” They visit this area regularly, staying for several weeks at a time, and have decided on a unique parcel where they expect to build a new kind of green-design earth-friendly home which will be a model for others to follow. They tell their friends down-under that this area is just as pretty as much of the spectacular property in New Zealand, only more affordable and friendlier.

A man who runs an antique shop in nearby Mammoth Spring, Arkansas sold his family’s historic home in Elgin, Illinois for over a million dollars. Rather than reinvest it into another expensive property, he bought 20 acres here and built two homes: one for his mother, the other his, “with plenty of pretty horse pasture in between” he says. He claims he still has more than half of the money “left over to live on.” Since the cost of living here is 20% less than national average, he feels he and his mom are “set for life.”

Even if these aren’t your exact situations, you can see how others have realized their dreams by opening up to new venues. We hope these personal insights help you understand the value these parcels represent.

All of us at American Land Company love this area of the country and enjoy sharing it with those who want to contribute to this next stage of its success. Perhaps you can become a part of this, too.


Please feel free to talk to us about opportunities to suit your dreams.

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